About Us

Parnell’s Nursery has been producing quality seedlings for the Wheatbelt of WA for the past 16 years. Keith and Kerry operate the nursery as a husband and wife team with the assistance of casual staff as required.

A recent change in working holiday visa conditions has meant that our casual backpacker staff, generally remain with us for at least 3 months. Backpackers are then able to meet the required conditions to extend their working holiday visa for an additional 12 months. This provides us with a more stable work force of highly motivated young people.

Parnells Nursery is not accredited under the NIA Scheme, however current best practice management principles are followed. The nursery is designed along NIA guidelines and currently has the capacity to produce 4 million seedlings.

Seedling quality is our marketing tool and has enabled demand driven expansion to occur in almost every season since our beginning 16 years ago.

Keith and Kerry have a close understanding of market requirements developed from 35 years in the farming industry. Quality control, from a hands on approach, has enabled Parnells to develop the nursery to the industry position they currently hold.







 All seedlings are graded to full trays of uniform height and any non specification seedlings are culled.

Our nursery business provides an additional Primary Industry to a rural area almost entirely dependant on traditional “WheatBelt” farming systems.    

Seedlings produced in the nursery over the past 16 years are now obviously producing an aesthetic and environmental impact to many regions in the West Australian Wheatbelt.


Arrangements for Dispatch

We have a delivery capability of up to 48,000 seedlings per load, using our own curtain sided truck and trailer.

If there is a requirement for faster dispatch or larger loads delivered over longer distances, we now have trucking racks that can be loaded into any standard “Tautliner” style truck or trailer combination. This gives us a dispatch capacity of 200,000 seedlings on a 45 ft semi trailer.