Major Contracts Awarded to Parnells Nursery


  • Contracted to supply 990,000 seedlings for FPC's Strategic Tree Planting Initiative
  • Supplied 800,000 seedlings to NACC's Oil Mallee program
  • Contracted to supply 200,000 Oil Mallee seedlings for CO2 Australia's Carbon Offset program
  • Supplied a further 440,000 Acacia acuminata seedlings to Rewards Group as Sandalwood Hosts
  • Supplied 485,000 seedlings to the ACC and SWCC Oil Mallee programs
  • Supplied 262,000 Oil Mallee seedlings to the NEWROC - WEROC planting program
  • Contracted to supply 250,000 seedlings for MOTT's tree planting program

  • Contracted to supply 400,000 Acacia acuminata seedlings for the FPC Sandalwood Program - Extra 30,000 seedlings supplied to help fill shortfalls.
  • Contracted to supply 700,000 Acacia acuminata for Rewards Group Sandalwood Program. Initial request was for 900,000 seedlings but shortages in seed supply resulted in us opting for the lower contract number.
  • Contracted to supply 817,000 Oil Mallee Seedlings for the SWCC and ACC Programs.
  • Supplied 200,000 Oil Mallee Seedlings to NACC for mallee establishment on farms in the Mullewa region.
  • Supplied 252,000 Oil Mallee and other mixed biodiversity species seedlings to Men of the Trees for the Carbon Neutral Program.
  • Supplied 37,000 mixed biodiversity species for the DEC Lake Bryde Recovery Catchment Program.


  • Contracted to supply 465,000 oil mallee seedlings for the SWCC Tree Cropping Project and  250,000 oil mallee seedlings for the ACC Tree Cropping Project.
  • A further 455,000 oil mallees were contracted for other projects.
  • Contracted to supply 925,000 Acacia acuminata  seedlings as host species for commercial sandalwood production for FPC and Rewards Group


  • Contracted to supply 633,000 mallee seedlings for the SWCC Securing the Resource program and 200,000 for the ACC Securing the Resource program. An additional 68,000 seedlings were supplied to help cover industry short falls.
  • Acknowledgement of the quality of Parnells seedlings was recognized and documented in the 2006 Nursery Operations Review (SWCC and ACC funded Projects) Executive Summary and Key Recommendations report by The Oil Mallee Company of Australia.‘In assessing value for money, Parnell’s nursery was of a significantly higher standard than the other contracted nurseries, particularly with regard to seedling growth but also in seedling delivery and presentation with trays being graded into uniform heights and reliable seedling tray numbers.’ 
  • Contracted to supply 200,000 Acacia acuminata seedlings. An additional 30,000 seedlings were supplied to help cover industry short falls.