“Men of the Trees Inc on behalf of Carbon Neutral Ltd has purchased  approximately 750,000 seedlings from Parnells Tree Nursery over the past 3 years. The quality of the seedlings are perfect when arriving on our planting sites and by far are the best we see across many nurseries in the state. The team within the nursery are also extremely helpful and Keith always does his utmost to ensure our seedlings are delivered on time and within budget. We would certainly recommend Parnells Tree Nursery to anyone wishing to purchase seedlings in WA.”

Erin Keeffe
Revegetation Team Manager
Men of the Trees Inc

"Our company has had excellent service from Keith and Kerry Parnell during the past four seasons. Their very clean up to date nursery is always a pleasure to visit and is a credit to them. The Parnell’s have delivered to us very healthy seedlings in full trays and well hardened off. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Peter Grime
Senior Forest Field Manager
Rewards Group Ltd

"The Upper Great Southern Oil Mallee Growers Association is pleased to provide a letter of support in favour of Parnell's Nursery.

Our local grower's network exceeds 250 landholders who have established approximately 10 million mallees since 1993 to restore landscape integrity within a framework of developing robust, productive and environmentally compliant farm systems.A large number of those seedlings have been provided by Parnell's Nursery.

Parnell's Nursery is a modern and efficient production facility and has demonstrated a capacity to deliver quality product over a number of years. Their dedication to quality control is outstanding and we are pleased to see the growth in their business and reputation as a consequence of this applied discipline.

Proof of this performance is verified in our Nursery QA Reports and frequent farmer requests to receive 'Parnell's seedlings' in preference to others.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further reference."

David McFall
Regional Manager
Upper Great Southern Oil Mallee Growers Association

"In assessing value for money, Parnell’s nursery was of a significantly higher standard than the other contracted nurseries, particularly with regard to seedling growth but also in seedling delivery and presentation with trays being graded into uniform heights and reliable seedling tray numbers."

Acknowledgement of the quality of Parnells seedlings was recognized and documented in the 2006 Nursery Operations Review (SWCC and ACC funded Projects) Executive Summary and Key recommendations report by The Oil Mallee Company of Australia.