Staff Profiles



Keith Parnell

Keith has run the family farm since 1973. He married Kerry, a nurse, in 1977 and they have worked together since then. They diversified into a tree nursery business on the farm in 1998. Training was a hands on process and most of the learning was done by research and trial and error. Farming experience provided a sound background knowledge for understanding plant growth and requirements. Farm infrastructure and machinery, plus unlimited space, made it easier to develop the nursery quickly. The nursery started as a sideline and then grew to become the sole focus of the business. In 2009, Parnell's Nursery  produced 4 million seedlings and had a staff of 18 for a large part of the year.


Kerry Parnell

Kerry's primary role has been staff training and supervision of the backpacker staff. She also attends to the everyday needs of the backpackers, often taking on a "Mothers" role. Kerry attends to staff accommodation, organises the weekend shopping expeditions and manages the office.